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Bradford shieldThe objective of the History Revisited series is to publish a series of complementary books that provide a definitive history of football and the origins of organised sport in Bradford, an authoritative reference to provide understanding of Bradford’s sporting heritage.

Each volume provides a different, original approach to the telling of the history. What the books have in common is a commitment to challenge what has been written by others previously, challenging the myths that have evolved and a number of superficial and incorrect narratives. Quite literally they seek to revisit, and re-present the historical evidence.


The 7th volume in the BANTAMSPAST HISTORY REVISITED series will be published in September, 2020.


WOOL CITY RIVALS: A HISTORY IN COLOUR will feature colourised archive photographs of Bradford City and Bradford Park Avenue, covering the Football League rivalry between the two clubs between 1908-70.

We are currently finalising the print and production arrangements and subject to lockdown schedules we are unable to confirm precise timings at this stage.

As before we will have a subscriber offer for a hardback edition and will be selling copies online.

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