#OneBradford scarf

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Produced to accompany the forthcoming release of our book WOOL CITY RIVALS that tells the story of the rivalry of Bradford City and Bradford Park Avenue as soccer rivals, comes the original #ONE BRADFORD SCARF – the ultimate half/half Bradford version. And whilst partisan traditionalists might scoff the reality is that both clubs enjoyed considerable floating support with shared affections among Bradfordians.

The scarf features claret and amber stripes alongside the classic red/amber/black bands against a white background associated with Bradford Northern / Bulls and historically, Bradford Park Avenue.



The origins of the respective club colours is told in ROOM AT THE TOP.

Red / Amber / Black were the traditional sporting colours of Bradford and originally associated with Bradford Cricket Club, dating back to the mid 1840s. These were adopted by Bradford FC and successor clubs Bradford Park Avenue, Bradford Northern and Bradford RUFC. They had military origins, associated with the Napoleonic Bradford Volunteers and symbolised civic patriotism.

Claret and amber – adopted by Manningham FC in 1884 – is similarly derived from military connections, in this case the local volunteer (territorial) movement with which both Bradford FC and Manningham FC had close connections. The Manningham FC leadership similarly considered that to adopt the colours was a statement of civic and national patriotism.

The military heritage of Bradford sport had been overlooked and long forgotten – further detail from this link – and only now is it once more being recognised.

20190425_081703 (3)

Only 25 of these scarves are available on a first come basis. You can order online from this link, price £11.50 including p&p.