Wool City Rivals: A History in Colour

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Initial reviews and feedback:

Telegraph & Argus 6th October, 2020 feature

Yorkshire Post review 23rd December, 2020

Review on the My Football Books website, 29th November 2020 (extracts below):

There are a handful of football books that sit in the category “it has to be seen to be believed.” This unique book sits very proudly in that group.

It’s a wonderful combination of beautiful pictures and a thoroughly detailed history of football in Bradford. A past which will leave many readers, if not done so already, looking to acquire the other titles in the bantamspast History Revisited series.

Football fans and history enthusiasts will adore this book. For those who appreciate both – this is an essential, and colourful, addition to your library. Enjoy!

Wool City Rivals: A History in Colour

Publication in late November, 2020…

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History Revisited series NEWS UPDATES

Bradford shield

The objective of the History Revisited series is to publish a series of complementary books that provide a definitive history of football and the origins of organised sport in Bradford, an authoritative reference to provide understanding of Bradford’s sporting heritage.

Each volume provides a different, original approach to the telling of the history. What the books have in common is a commitment to challenge what has been written by others previously, challenging the myths that have evolved and a number of superficial and incorrect narratives. Quite literally they seek to revisit, and re-present the historical evidence.

The 7th volume in the BANTAMSPAST HISTORY REVISITED series will be published in November, 2020.

WOOL CITY RIVALS: A HISTORY IN COLOUR will feature colourised archive photographs of Bradford City and Bradford Park Avenue, covering the Football League rivalry between the two clubs between 1908-70.

The deadline for the discounted hardback subscriber edition has now passed. You can still buy the book online (cost includes £3.50 p&p): https://bantamspast.net/buy-our-books-direct-from-us/.

The #onebradford scarf produced to accompany the release of the book is still available: https://bantamspast.net/product/onebradford-scarf/

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