Life at the Top (vol 4)


LIFE AT THE TOP continues the story of the Bradford FC and Manningham FC rivalry, covering their their secession from the rugby union and the background to their conversion to association football. It challenges existing explanations of how and why the Northern Union – precursor to the Rugby League – was formed in 1895. It is of equal interest to rugby and soccer fans and also provides a fresh perspective to the urban and social history of Victorian Bradford.

This book covers the controversial merger debate of 1907 when Bradford City members opted to remain independent and reject a move to Park Avenue. It continues through to the following year when Bradford City won the championship of Division Two and achieved a place in the sun with promotion to the first division.

Room at the Top and Life at the Top were featured among The Guardian Review of the Best Sports Books of 2016  Review below from the RL Journal #57 published Winter, 2016

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