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Discover the origins of sport and the development of professional football in Bradford from the nineteenth century to the present day.

Thoroughly researched as an antidote to simplistic narratives and myths as well as richly illustrated. History revisited, free of political bias and preconceived interpretations.


bantamspast publishes the History Revisited series of books about the origins of sport and the history of professional football in Bradford.

The series goes back to the origins of sport in Bradford upto the present day and when completed will provide a comprehensive and definitive history. Through detailed re-assessment of the historic record, the different books challenge the various myths and superficial narratives that have been told previously about what has happened at Valley Parade and Park Avenue. Our books explain why and how events unfolded as they did and demonstrate how the history remains relevant today. The series delivers fresh and original perspectives about the history of Bradford sport.

  • vol 1: A History of Bradford City AFC in Objects by John Dewhirst (bantamspast 2014) 978-0-9566984-4-5
  • vol 2: Reinventing Bradford City: The Extraordinary Story of Bradford City’s Modern History, 1985-2016 by Jason McKeown (bantamspast 2016) 978-0-9566984-6-9
  • vol 3: Room at the Top – The Origins of Professional Football in Bradford and the Rivalry of Bradford FC and Manningham FC by John Dewhirst (bantamspast 2016) 978-0-9566984-5-2
  • vol 4: Life at the Top – The Rivalry of Manningham FC and Bradford FC and their Conversion from Rugby to Soccer by John Dewhirst (bantamspast 2016) 978-0-9566984-8-3
  • Vol 5: Who We Are: Exploring the DNA of Bradford City AFC by Jason McKeown (bantamspast 2018) 978-0-9566984-3-8
  • Further volumes are planned including a history of the twentieth century rivalry of Bradford City and Bradford Park Avenue which is currently a work-in-progress with a provisional title Fall From the Top – The Wool City Rivals.

The books can be purchased from the following sources:

  • Waterstones Wool Exchange in the centre of Bradford
  • Salts Mill bookshop, Saltaire
  • The Grove Bookshop, Ilkley
  • by mail order from ourselves (see below), Bantams Banter and ebay. (We no longer deal through Amazon although you can find reviews of our books on that site.) Books are despatched in Amazon style packaging to avoid damage to the cover so it’s a safe option.
  • Mail Order from us: either send a cheque for £20 payable to BANTAMSPAST at
    BANTAMSPAST, PO Box 307, SHIPLEY BD18 9BT or email [ books  at  this domain ] for electronic payment detail. (Each of our books costs £20, postage free).

There are limited stocks of earlier volumes and if you have difficulty finding a copy get in touch. A limited number of hard back editions is also available, contact for details.

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This is a not for profit project and any surplus funds will ultimately be donated to the Bradford Burns unit. 

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