Who We Are (vol 5)

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Ask a hundred fans of a Premier League football club what it means to be a fan of their club and you could get a hundred different answers. Ask a hundred Bradford City fans what it means to be a Bradford City fan, however, you probably won’t, and Jason McKeown’s excellent book “Who We Are: Exploring The DNA Of Bradford City” explains why.

In late 2018, when it feels necessary to understand who we are, what we want to be and what our club should represent, Jason’s book paints a clear picture of how the club and its supporters have, against the odds, together reached the present day from the early days of the twentieth century.

The history of the club, the city and Bradford’s other sporting institutions are woven together cleverly but also lightly, without getting bogged down in minutiae, and the stories of those involved in the club’s rise between 2012 and 2016, especially, are essential reading. It’s no surprise to learn that those who not only brought success to the club during that period, but also infused the supporters with positivity and expanded the club’s fan-base dramatically, all had a deep understanding of the city, the club and the supporters.

Only time will tell whether the positivity and togetherness of the recent past can be repeated, but regardless, Jason’s conclusions should remind us supporters that when we unite we are a powerful force and can help the club to succeed both on and off the pitch.



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WHO WE ARE is the fifth volume in the Bantamspast History Revisited series.

Between them, the different books provide a definitive record of the origins of sport and professional football in Bradford, its development and historical context through to the modern day. By revisiting the evidence the series debunks the myths and superficial narratives that have been told previously. The five titles each address distinct themes and are all original in their coverage. They provide a unique collection that is indispensable reading for City supporters wanting to better understand the heritage of their club. 

Jason’s previous book, REINVENTING BCAFC (2016) was the second volume in the History Revisited series. Further details on this website.