The History Revisited project

1914-04-27 BPA cartoonWhilst researching his book A HISTORY OF BCAFC IN OBJECTS during 2012-14, author John Dewhirst realised that a lot of what had previously been written or said about the history of Bradford City AFC and its predecessor, Manningham FC was either grossly simplistic, misleading or simply incorrect. The legend of Park Avenue and the story of the original Bradford Football Club was equally distorted. This prompted the objective to publish a series of books to debunk the myths and superficial narratives that have been told about the origins and history of sport and professional football in Bradford.

The intention is to publish a collection of complementary books to provide a definitive history of Bradford soccer from the beginnings until the present day. Where possible the books will incorporate a wealth of illustrative content to allow long forgotten artefacts to be featured. The series is self-published. Financial budgets are set on the basis of achieving break-even rather than profit which means that wherever possible content does not have to be sacrificed to satisfy a publisher’s targets. In so doing we have the freedom to publish what we want rather than comply with inflexible formats. However we are committed to producing books of high quality, in particular with hard cover subscriber editions. A further principle is that each of our books has been produced and printed wholly in Bradford by a local printer, in this case the long-established firm Hart & Clough based in Cleckheaton. Accordingly we are proud to demonstrate a commitment to the local economy rather than seek economy options offshore.

The fifth volume in the series WHO WE ARE: EXPLORING THE DNA OF BRADFORD CITY AFC by Jason McKeown was published in October, 2018. Two further volumes are planned for release in 2019 and there are plans for at least three more between 2020-22. For details about check the drop down menu on this site. Tweets @bantamspast






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